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Paul SAPIN was established in 1889 as a wine producer and negociant based in southern Burgundy. It was only in 1996 when the company completely changed its orientation, shifting its mindset from local to global. Instead of pushing our customers to drink local wines in traditional bottles with classic labels, the new owners decided to take into account global consumption trends and consumer’s desires. We developed a choice of brands where the packaging received as much attention and the selection of the wine itself. Small bottles and screwcaps form the DNA of Paul Sapin. What used to be a niche-market has changed. They are no longer restricted to airlines, trains and minibars. Today they are catered at events (concerts, festivals, sports matches), can be found in pubs and in over-the-counter restaurants, but also in wine stores and in supermarkets for drinking at home. Sharing a large bottle may be preferable, but changing lifestyles and more and more people living alone create a demand for individual consumption sizes. And growing health consciousness permits small bottles to help consumers restrict their drinking habits. Today’s technology to bottle and pack small bottles permits higher safety and a better look than before. The consumer has a wine that is always fresh because it is generally not kept after opening. Our state-of-the-art bottling site near Macon has obtained superior level certification by IFS and BRC. We service a number of very exacting customers such as Marks & Spencer, Carrefour, and a number of major airlines, but also numerous smaller customers who like our wide choice of products, our attractive packaging and our flexibility. Easy, practical, ecological: our sense for innovation and for reduction of carbon footprint has motivated us to use light packaging materials. We were the first to develop the use of multi-layered PET (plastic) bottles and pouches have also entered our assortment. Naturally classic glass bottles of regular size are also still well represented in our product range, even with corks. A strong culture of innovation and an unmatched openness to the finest terroirs in France and the world (Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Chile, and California) are also part of our genetic makeup. The wines we make or develop in the framework of close partnerships can be found in approximately 50 different countries, where Paul SAPIN stands for quality. Buy Paul Sapin wines online from VINO&VINO wine shop and enjoy free delivery in Yerevan.