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VALDESPINO Pedro Ximenez El Candado

sherry, 0.75 L
Spain / Andalusia / Jerez - Xérès - Sherry D. O.

'Candado' is the Spanish word for 'padlock', and each bottle is sealed with one. It is an old tradition which is still preserved and protects this delicious wine from anyone wishing to steal a glass.
Pedro Ximénez grapes are picked extra ripe and dried in the sun till they become raisins. The wine is then aged for over 10 years.

Colour: it a very dark, almost opaque colour.
Nose: intense aromas of raisins, dried figs and dates with subtle hints of coffee and liquorice.
Palate: it is smooth, unctuous and sweet.
Food pairing: an excellent partner for chocolate desserts, vanilla ice cream and surprisingly, blue cheese.

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