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Famous alcohol drinks from all around the world

Famous alcohol drinks from all around the world

Drinking is one of the best ways to meet new people and make foreign friends. Of course, there are other ways, but the fastest and most pleasant is to get to know each other is through drinking sparkling wine, champagne, or just whiskey. You will tell them about the drinks of your country, and he will tell you about his country's and his favorite drinks, and the first step has been taken.

As each country has its own national cuisine and individual dishes, it also has so-called national drinks. However, sometimes there are conflicts on this topic, as several nations fight for the reputation of being the first producer of a certain drink.

National drinks are also interesting as their names are so specific and close to the given nation. For example Spanish sangria, Slavic kvass, borovichka, Japanese sake, etc. No matter how strange it is the drinks and their recipes spread quickly, now even more so, because on the Internet you can find any recipe and make any drink you want.

Thus, many drinks have gained the reputation of international drinks, for example, in every country, there are Japanese restaurants where we can find sake or every party in any country is accompanied by full glasses of Spanish sangria.

Now, let's talk about some famous alcoholic drinks that are popular all over the world.



Famous alcoholic drinks


Chivas Regal


I bet you heard about Chivas Regal, if you are lucky you even tried it. Whoever tries Chivas Regal, never forget the taste and never confuse it with any other alcohol.

So, why Chivas Regal is so famous all around the world?

With annual sales of close to 50 million bottles across all continents, Chivas Regal is the most prestigious premium blended Scotch whiskey in the world. This whiskey, which has a sterling reputation and is made in Speyside, Scotland, is hailed as the pinnacle of fine Scotch whiskey in 150 nations. The origins of this exceptional scotch may be traced back to an affluent Aberdeen establishment that began serving the finest foods, liquors, and wines to the city's aristocracy in 1801.

Queen Victoria loved Chivas Regal as well as we do. She liked to stay in the highlands of Scotland, and it was then she tasted the immortal Chivas Regal whiskey.

So, it became necessary to supply the Queen with high-quality meals and beverages, and in 1843, the Queen bestowed the title of Royal Supplier on Chivas Brothers by issuing the first of her Royal Warrants and praising the whiskey's unrivaled excellence.

Nowadays, you can find 12, 18, 25 years old Chivas Regal whiskeys. If you never tried them, then hurry up.


Dvin cognac


Armenian cognac brands are famous all over the world, but why? What is the secret?

While drinking Armenian cognacs, you imagine yourself in the landscapes of Saryan, Komitas's melodies are heard in your ears, and disappearing from the world, you find yourself in a distant place, in a hut, where an Armenian grandmother cooks lavash and tells legends about Davt of Sassoon.

Dvin cognac , which is aged for 10 years, takes you through all the curves of history and turns the drinking process into a whole journey, flooded with the flavors of Armenian nature.

While drinking this excellent cognac, you will feel clove, walnut, cigar, and other flavors that will bring new colors to your life.




Are there any vodka lovers? If yes, then you surely know about the best vodka brand in the world. You should think that vodka making process is not that hard, and they may have some secret to make it better vodka. This is how they make it.

Water and winter wheat are Absolut Vodka's primary ingredients. In Hus, the water is retrieved from a deep well, where it is shielded from pollutants. Fall is the time for winter wheat planting, and the following year's harvest occurs in autumn. The wheat develops its sturdy husk as it grows all year long in the snow and sun of Sweden. Absolut Vodka is extraordinarily pure because it has been distilled more than a hundred times and has no sugar added.

For this magic vodka recipe we should thank Lars Olsson Smith who made this recipe in 1879 and named it “Absolut rent Brannvin” which means “absolutely pure Vodka”.



There are many famous drinks, but everyone should choose their favorite drink and stick to it, of course continuing to taste other drinks as well. You can visit a wine shop once in a while or look for online by typing just “whiskey online” and choose different drinks than usual, maybe your favorite and soulmate drink is waiting for you today.


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