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The Best French Sparkling Wines

The Best French Sparkling Wines

French drinks are famous all over the world, this is a fact, but is it also a fact that their quality corresponds to their reputation?

France has nice weather that encouraged people for centuries to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner outside. French people also loved and love drinking wine outside while talking to their loved ones or friends. Enjoying wine sometimes exceeded the limits of decency, but people should not be blamed, because centuries ago it was difficult to find clean water, that's why people preferred to drink wine, for its purity and usefulness.

The wine was created in France in the 6th century BC. In the Middle Ages, however strange it may seem, celibate priests were engaged in winemaking, monasteries had vineyards and the inhabitants were actively involved in wine production.

France has one of the oldest wine systems and the strictest laws. Each location in France has its own site-specific rules that usually define the wines from each region to the grape varieties allowed.

All this is not common in America, for example, where you can find almost any type of grape in any state. Most grapes in France are associated with a specific region, such as Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux and Chardonnay in Burgundy. Therefore, French wines have more of a regional than a national identity.

French wines started to get characteristics like their “birthplaces”. For example, take Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, these grapes are grown in Bordeaux, and they are unique and warm as the wine. The Merlot grape grows on the right bank and produces a full-bodied wine; it's more strong and pleasant. Cabernet Sauvignon grows on the left bank and produces a lighter wine, and it represents the tenderness.

French sparkling wine can be found in Armenia. As you know, Armenians are also famous for their winemaking skills, but why not try other wines as well?

A wine shop can be found everywhere, both online and offline. For example, VINO&VINO offers a parade of French wines, starting with Perrier-Jouet sparkling wine.


Maison Perrier-Jouët


Founded in 1811, Maison Perrier-Jouët has been one of France's most historic and distinctive sparkling wine houses, known for its elegantly floral sparkling wines that reveal the true essence of the Chardonnay grape. The inspiration of beauty and art come together in Perrier-Jouët sparkling wine, thanks to the shared passion and commitment of Pierre-Nicolas Perrier and Rose Adele Jouët.

In 1811, this young couple founded the house of Perrier-Jouet and set out to acquire some of the most valuable vineyards on the Côte de Blancs. For more than 200 years, Perrier-Jouët has cultivated and maintained a unique and precious vineyard, which today consists of 160 acres, rated at 99.2% nominal champagne quality.

Want to buy wine? Then you can buy this historic sparkling wine in Armenia at the VINO&VINO wine store.


Cafe De Paris


French unique winemaking and the luxury and charm of Parisian life are summed up in a high-quality sparkling wine- Café de Paris.

Café de Paris was established in 1967, in the city of Saint-Andre de Cubzac, in the Bordeaux region, on the banks of the river. The place called Girona has been specially selected by experts as an excellent location for the production of high-quality sparkling wine.

Its superior quality, ensured by a precise process, soon allowed Café de Paris to compete with the best French wines and, exported to almost every corner of the world, attracted connoisseurs worldwide.

Buying wine in Yerevan is very easy, you don't even need to go to the store, you can order wine online and get your delicious dose of French wine with free delivery.


These and many other great French wines in a variety of flavors are closer than ever, do you want a cherry wine, or sparkling red wine just go to the website and order it, want a seemingly unattainable selection of French or Italian wines, again you will find it online.

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