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The best alcoholic drinks combined with Armenian cuisine

The best alcoholic drinks combined with Armenian cuisine

A cuisine with various delicious layers. Armenian kitchen includes vegetables, meat, various sweets, and the famous Armenian bread: lavash. Alongside this, the Armenians also love combining delicious food with delicious alcoholic drinks. In this blog, you will learn about the most favorite meals from Armenian cuisine and a couple of alcoholic drinks that would pair perfectly with them.

The Armenian cuisine


Armenian cuisine is made of diverse types of dishes. Each one of these tell a story of centuries-old cuisine that over time developed and became something more, something bigger and something traditional.

The ingredients these dishes include contain fresh and locally sourced ingredients, that are skillfully combined with the purpose of making nourishing and flavorful food. One of the most beloved dishes is khorovats, also called Armenian barbecue. For this, Armenians use chicken, or other meats marinated in various herbs and spices. Other examples are dolma, which is a grape leaf or cabbage stuffed with meat and rice, and khash, which is a soup made of beef trotters.

Alcoholic drinks in Armenian cuisine

As we noticed, Armenian cuisine has notes of spices. There are many popular alcoholic drinks capable of complementing them and adding to the significance of the flavors. This is why, many Armenians tend to embrace flavor diversity with specifically chosen drinks.

Armenian Brandy

Starting with the Armenian brandy that is produced with an exceptional quality and is loved worldwide. When tasting the drink, it is possible to sense a smooth texture and rich flavor.

Aside from enjoying this drink neat, it can also be included in various cocktails since it can add a touch of sophistication to any meal.

The specialized chain of stores Vino&Vino offers a wide range of Armenian brandy (cognac) for different tastes and budgets. Here, you can buy the beverages online as well.

  • ARARAT Otborny: Aged 10 years, the beverage has an intense amber color that includes copper shine. It has a long-lasting effect on the tongue when tasting it, and also notes such as citrus, caramel, and toffee are notable. And the smell we can describe with a rich aroma that is also very delicate and contains orange peel and oak bark.
  • ARARAT Vaspurakan: The drink is 15 years old and also has a dark amber shade with old gold tints. The color combination is especially beautiful under the sunlight. The taste is even better since it is possible to notice sweetness and Armenian dried fruits. The smell of this drink is described with spices, toasted bread, and coffee, a little excellent choice for coffee lovers.


The history of Armenia is filled with winemaking, the result of which is famous around the world. At Vino&Vino you can find different types of Armenian wine, as well as wine from other cultures, the notes of which will enrich the notes of your dinner. Here are examples.

  • Dove Canyon Reserve: A dry red wine aged 16 months has a rich deep ruby color. This is a balanced soft alcoholic drink that contains notes of chocolate, dried vegetables, black pepper, and red and black fruits (cherry and plum). It is greatly paired with grilled meats, therefore a portion of khorovats with a glass of Dove Canyon Reserve will be a great pairing. 
  • ANSELMANN Dornfelder Rotwein HALBTROCKEN: German semi-dry red wine has a dense saturation and a deep red color. It has a rich taste and can be combined with spicy dishes.


Vodka is not directly linked to Armenian cuisine, though, it is a good choice for pairing with different Armenian dishes, with its clean flavor. Here are some vodka types, you can find at Vino&Vino.

  • MAGIC TREE: The vodka comes in different flavors, such as mulberry, apricot, and honey apricot. Due to this, the drink is considered a flavored one.
  • Absolut. The famous Swedish vodka is loved by many. It also has different flavors and can be used without additives, but can also be used in various alcoholic compositions.


For those, who love exploring multiple layers of alcoholic drinks, Armenian dishes can also be paired with various alcoholic cocktails. This gives you a chance to explore various alcoholic drink recipes and find the perfect match for your beloved Armenian dish.

  • Sidecar with Armenian twist: The Armenian version of the famous Sidecar that includes Armenian brandy. To make this drink, just add Armenian brandy to the original recipe.This drink adds extra depth and complexity to the drink and can be paired with meat, as well as with baklava, gata, and so on.
  • Pomegranate mojito: Pomegranates are one of the Armenian symbols and have a sweet and tart flavor. With this taste, it is easily integrated with the Cuban-inspired cocktail.

Where to find the ingredients

Just like mentioned above, Armenian cuisine is layered with various dishes, starting from sweets and ending with ones including meats and various spices. All these can be paired with a variety of alcoholic drinks that will accessorize the meal and make the gathering even more memorable.

To get the desired drink, you can visit the specialized store chain Vino&Vino, which is an official distributor of many beverages in Armenia. Here, you will find all the mentioned above drinks and more.

Conclusion: Alcoholic drinks buy

The diversity of Armenian cuisine allows us to experience all our favorite pairings again and again. Meanwhile, the diversity of beverages provided by Vino&Vino allows us to experience new tastes and combine them with our all-time favorite traditional dishes.

Moreover, Alcoholic drinks buy online  are also possible with the company’s high-quality website, where each beverage is displayed for you.





The best alcoholic drinks combined with Armenian cuisine The best alcoholic drinks combined with Armenian cuisine

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