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From Classic to Creative: Brandy Cocktails for Every Occasion

From Classic to Creative: Brandy Cocktails for Every Occasion

Brandy cocktails are always a classic choice for any gathering. They are mainly made of fruit flavors: apple, apricot, peach, and berries, and can be easily prepared even at home—many of the cognac cocktails we know today are riffs on traditional concoctions. Thus, we'll go over a variety of brandy cocktail recipes below, ranging from the traditional to the creative.

Classic brandy cocktails

Brandy Alexander cocktail

The classic cocktail is known for its rich, creamy, and delicious flavors. The cocktail's precise history is unknown, however, it is believed to have originated in the 20th century and was originally made with gin rather than brandy.

In the 20th century, the cocktail gained popularity in the United States, when the prohibition on alcoholic beverages was implemented. The secret of brandy old fashioned cocktail was its creamy, sweet flavor, which readily covered up the poor quality alcohol that was on hand at the time. This is how the Brandy Alexander cocktail started to gain popularity as an after-dinner beverage and started to be served in upscale dining establishments.

Nowadays, the cocktail is very popular and is preferred for people who like sweet flavors. You can prepare it even at home, without professional help.


The composition of the cocktail includes a few simple ingredients that you can get from the nearest grocery store.

  • Around 15ml brandy (you can choose Ararat brandy)

  • Around 29.5ml dark crème de cacao liquior

  • Around 29.5ml whipped cream

  • Nutmeg (for the decoration)

How to make the cocktail 

Pour cognac, liqueur, and cream into a shaker and add ice. Mix and pour it into a glass. And finally, for a pleasant touch decorate the drink with grated Nutmeg.

Jack Rose apple brandy cocktail

Another cocktail, the origins of which can be traced back to the prohibition of alcohol use in the 20th century. The recipe includes apple flavoured brandy, lemon or lime juice and a grenadine for a pink shade. Many preferred this alcoholic drink, including well-known writers John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway.


  • Around 15ml of apple brandy

  • Around 100mg/5ml lemon or lime juice

  • Grenadine

How to make the cocktail

To prepare, combine the brandy with lemon or lime juice. As a result, you’ll get an alcoholic cocktail with a certain acidity, to which you can also add grenadine for the cocktail’s pleasant shade.

Modern creative cocktails

Today, creative cocktails are everywhere that also have simple recipes to even be made at home. There are certain Ararat brandy cocktails that have special attention and are already loved by many.

Chocolate Cherry

The name of the cocktail already hints at the recipe. This is a simple cocktail made of only a few ingredients.


  • 50ml Ararat brandy

  • Sugar syrop

  • Cherry that is kept in a chocolate (this is for the decoration)

How to make the cocktail

The ingredients don’t require a certain order for mixing. You can put all of them in a shaker and proceed to mixing. You can decorate the final result with the previously mentioned cherry that is kept in a chocolate.

Armenian 5 o’clock

The innovative cocktail breaks down the beautiful combination of black tea and brandy.


  • 100ml Ararat brandy

  • 300ml black tea of medium thickness

  • 1g fresh thyme

  • 4 pieces of Kumquat

  • 150ml Cranberry juice

  • 50g floral honey

How to make the cocktail

Cut the kumquat and fresh thyme and heat them in a kettle with the fruit juice, honey, and brandy. You can serve it with a cup of tea.


The cocktail has delicate taste notes that are able to please the ones who love elegant drinks. It can also be served during parties as a sophisticated and creative drink.



  • 30ml Ararat brandy

  • 15ml rasberry syrop or sugared golden rasberries

  • 2 drops of orange bitter

  • 100ml dry sparkling wine

  • Red rose petals (this is for the decoration)

How to make the cocktail

You can prepare the cocktail even in a span of a minute: pour all the ingredients into a glass and mix with the help of a stick. You can serve it with a champagne glass.

The origin of cocktails

Have you ever wondered why cocktails are so popular at parties? This is because cocktails can be made of from almost anything and tailored to the guests’ preferences.

Nowadays, simple cocktails have turned into real masterpieces and come in all kinds, from old and classic versions to the latest creativity additions, that will make your gatherings a real celebration.

Thus, for delicious brandy cocktails, choose ingredients with quality and also get your beverages from reliable sources.


Brandy is one of the oldest and most loved drinks, which was also preferred by some famous historical figures in previous centuries. You can enjoy the drink either neat, without additives, or with additions in the form of cocktails. And so, get the most important ingredient of your cocktail at Vino&Vino specialized liquor store.








From Classic to Creative: Brandy Cocktails for Every Occasion From Classic to Creative: Brandy Cocktails for Every Occasion

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