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dry gin, 0.7 L
Japan / Hokkaido island

Created from maize and malted barley in the Coffey stills of the Miyagikyo distillery, this gin, produced for the first time by Nikka, sees the addition of a large number of citrus fruit (yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu, hirami lemon) and juniper berries. The extremely fragrant initial nose reveals incredibly intense lime and orange blossom.

Allowed to breathe, it develops into a more milky (coconut), luscious (juniper), spicy (grey pepper, pink peppercorn) and stone fruit (apricot) register. At once lively and unctuous, the attack reveals new aromatic plants (sage, verbena). On the mid-palate, citrus fruit, lemon in particular, and ripe fruits (apple, pear) take the upper hand before in turn being covered in strong spices (star anise, grated ginger). The mouthwatering finish is like chewing on a liquorice stick. Its verdant character evokes green tea and mint tea. Bitter oranges give the end of the palate lots of energy.

30 000