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BODEGAS RODA Sela Magnum 2018

dry red wine, 1.5 L
Grape varieties

Color: medium layer with a bright red background and a light red trim.
Nose: The nose is very intense, full of fresh fruit that overflows the glass. Red fruits, raspberries, strawberries and cherries that are mixed with each other. A very light, very subtle note of oak appears in the background and allows us to appreciate the prominence of the fruit more clearly. In addition to the fruit, there is complexity and mineral and slightly spicy notes appear. It has a spark of gunpowder and Sichuan pepper that fill it with joy.
Palate: medium and continuous volume, without troughs. It is very fresh and the tannin is fine. Red fruits fill the palate and stay for a long time. It is very long and pleasant. A delicious wine to enjoy now and for years to come.
Food pairing: serve with grilled red meat
Serving temperature: 16°С - 18 °С

32 700