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CECI 1938 Nani Otello 2019

CECI 1938 Nani Otello 2019

extra dry sparkling wine, 0.75 L
Italy / Emilia IGT
Grape varieties

Nani is a precious word around our parts: this is what the parents call their children, and it is how grandfather Otello Ceci called his children Bruno and Giovanni. This very elegant vintage sparkling wine is dedicated to them, to celebrate the young, carefree and smiling soul that is typical of our bubbles enclosed in a bottle that seems to contain perfume. Elegant like a perfume, this Extra Dry Sparkling Wine from Chardonnay grapes gathers all the refinement and exclusivity of the bubbles in a sparkling wine with a fruity scent. With each sip, it evokes a world of aromas, memories and emotions.

Color: Straw yellow colour with golden reflections. The ample perlage is noticeable.
Nose:Intense, full and suggestive. The ripe white fruit, the citrus notes and the toasting hints, tell of a r efined elegance of Chardonnay which, according to Ceci’s experience, requires an emotional listening.
Palate:Elegant, full and silky. The citrus hints and the smoothness which hints to vanilla accompany the entire tasting experience. Great freshness and sapidity are the arches of a wine with a good structure and rigorousness.
Food pairing:Great for aperitifs. It is enhanced in pairing with fish, molluscs and shellfish, preferably raw. Excellent with white meats and light first courses with mediumfat, it is excellent with traditional Emilian cured meats. It is worth considering the pairing experience with a classic Italian pizza.
Serving temperature: 8-10°C

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