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CECI 1938 Otello Nero di Lambrusco 1813

medium-dry semi-sparkling red wine, 0.75 L
Italy / Emilia IGT
Grape varieties

The most inspired masterpiece of the Ceci winery. It bears the name of the founder, Otello, but has a distinctly international vision. It is the Lambrusco par excellence: unmistakable in its innovative square bottle, dressed in gold to tell the story of the characteristic class of Emilia region, it is the symbol of the revolution that made Lambrusco – and not only – a beloved wine all over the world.The sparkling red wine considered the Ceci Winery masterpiece. An enveloping Lambrusco, an unmistakable colour and aroma, which bears the name of the founder of our family.

Color:Intense ruby red colour, with lively, rich and persistent foam.
Nose:Intense, satisfying, sinuous. The fruity notes are reminiscent of cherry and wild berries such as blackberry and strawberry. Floral hints of violet accompany the delightful, spicy and mineral finish. Palate:Surprising and rewarding. Delightful balance between softness, freshness, tanginess and good tannic texture. The intense nature of the aromas is confirmed to the taste, which are enhanced in the long and deep closure. A promise kept.
Food pairing:Otello Ceci is a wine capable of playing with countless pairings by varying the serving temperature. It is ideal for pairing with dishes which express a prevalent richness such as traditional Italian cured meats. It pairs well with well-structured pasta and risottos as well as with mediumaged cheeses or grilled meats. It is also able to express itself perfectly as a meditation wine.
Serving temperature: 8-10°C

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