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NIKKA Discovery Single Malt Yoichi Non-pated 2021

single malt whisky, 0.7 L
Japan / Hokkaido island
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Colour: pale gold
Nose: refined and balanced. Staying close to its foundations of malted barley, the first nose also reveals aromas of fruit and acacia honey. Becoming incresingly exotic, it develops a nobly spicy and herbaceous register. Little by little, medicinal notes delicately cover the aromatic palette.
Palate: taut and lively. Citrus fruits initially bring a lot of energy to the first impression in the mouth. The lively start is then followed by beautiful vanilla and almost roasted sequence, the richness of which highlights the incredible balance of sweet and savory flavors. A particularly mouth-watering bitterness completes the picture.
Finish: long and rich. Like the first nose, the start of the finish focuses on malted barley. Aniseed, vegetal and creamy flavors gradually spread across the sides of the palate. On the retronasal olfaction, a handful of nuts and juicy frits bring pleasing length to the very end of the palate. The empty glass is malty and spicy.

This rare version of Yoichi single malt is part of the "Nikka Discovery" series: an inside look at the various experiments made during the whiskey-making process at Nikka. Focusing on the diversity of ingredients available at the distillery, this expression is made solely from unpeated malts and offers a pleasant surprise that overturns the preconceived "peaty" image of Yoichi.

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