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NIKKA The Nikka Tailored

blended whisky, 0.7 L

The Nikka Tailored, a premium blend of the historical Japanese whisky maker, is a worthy ambassador of the Japanese knowhow and culture as well as Nikka’s expertise. Blended with precision and delicacy, this whisky is a blend primarily of malted barley from Miyagikyo in Honshū and Yoichi in Hokkaidō, along with Coffey Still grain. The result is a perfect symbol of balance, roundness and softness, so many adjectives that characterise Nikka.

This expression has been tailor-designed to perfection as a hybrid of Nikka's traditions and modernity. Using primarily malt whiskies in the formula, precise blending results in a perfect marriage of rich malty flavors and soft mouthfeel of Coffey Grain with a complex finish.

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