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GAJA Grappa di Barolo

grappa, 0.5 L
Italy , Piedmont
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The Grappa di Barolo by Gaja embodies all the elegance, wisdom and experience of a large house Italian wine. Gaja is an institution in Piedmont as much for its wine as for grappa. The Grappa di Barolo is characterized by its soft texture, but due to the refinement of character for at least 12 months in oak barrels. Produced from the pomace of Nebbiolo used for Barolo, still dripping with wine, with systems that ensure you keep intact all varietal aromas and fragrances. The Grappa di Barolo by Gaja is made possible thanks to a pot still, made of steel, where inside the skins are penetrated by a jet of steam that allows you to carry the alcohol vapors, maintaining a structure alcoholic truly remarkable. After a year of barrel aging, we get to have a front Grappa really intense, elegant and soft, which provides in all its velvety and spicy fragrances.
Colour: Light amber yellow
Scent: Soft notes of wood and spicy
Taste: Structured, character, balanced, with a final hot and spicy.

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